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I am so happy you guys are digging the linked videos. Makes life so much easier huh? Also, if you are the type that likes having the calendar as a desktop background, the hi-res JPEG is there for ya!

Also I want to be 100% transparent with you. I’m having trouble with my app developer on the current Blogilates App 🙁 That’s why you’re not seeing new updates, there’s no more exclusive videos, and overall, I’m not happy with it. It makes me really frustrated because there’s over a million downloads on the app and you guys deserve a much better product than what you’re using.

So if you want to unsubscribe from the monthly calendar on the App, go ahead and do it. The amount that you’re paying each month to support me? I’m not even seeing it guys. It’s really bad.

Don’t worry about me though. I’m figuring it out. The bad partnership has pushed me to get creative and make something even better. I ain’t gonna let body take me down!!! And I ain’t gonna let nobody take advantage of you guys! I’ll tell you more later. If you’re in the PIIT28 private Facebook group, you already know about it.

Now, who wants to hit July off with a BOOM CHICKA BOOM BOOM!??

I do. And what always sets a fire under my bootay is hearing how other power women take risks, fall, get up, and then absolutely crush it in the game of life!

If you haven’t subscribed to “” yet – omg do it. There are now 4 episodes for you to binge listen to and each one leaves you feeling unstoppable, inspired, and fearless. My fave episode so far is our newest one with professional freerunner and stuntwoman Sydney Olson!

Do you remember her from my BODYPOP music video 2 years ago?